Swedish Massage:
A hands-on full body massage of medium pressure. Relieves muscle
tension, stimulates circulation, increases serotonin levels, improves
muscle tone and promotes total mind and body relaxation.

60 minutes                        $65.00
90 minutes                        $95.00

Deep Tissue Massage:
A firm-pressure therapeutic massage that helps alleviate pain, muscle
spasms, stress, inflammation, and tissue damage. This is great for
anyone with soft tissue problems that produce and discomfort or pain.

60 minutes                        $85.00
90 minutes                        $105.00

Hot Stone Massage:
Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warmed stones are used to
relieve tense muscles and sore joints. Combined with Swedish
techniques, this creates an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing

60 minutes                        $80.00
90 minutes                        $100.00
Relief is just a phone call away. Call us and we'll help
you feel better through our holistic approach to
massage therapy. Come enjoy the many benefits of a
massage, including diminished aches and pains,
improve flexibility and reduced tension. You're sure to
leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

So don't delay book your next appointment with our
massage therapist right now. Your mind, body and soul
will thank you.
Sports Massage:
Rehabilitates soft tissue dysfunction that can result from physical
labor, lifting weights, or sorts-related injuries through a therapeutic
massage that includes stretching and compression techniques.
Promotes flexibility, reduces swelling, relieves muscle tension and
alleviates muscle fatigue.

60 minutes                        $85.00
90 minutes                        $105.00

Prenatal Massage:
A gentle massage geared to relieving the muscle cramps, spasms and
pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips and legs during
pregnancy. Safe semi-reclined and side-to-side body positioning with
body pillows for extra comfort.

60 minutes                        $80.00
90 minutes                        $100.00
***All prices listed are starting prices and are subject to change without notification***